Friday, 11 March 2016

Suicide of a 10-year girl old In Australia

On Sunday the 6th of March, a day where we here in the UK celebrated the lives of our mothers, the worlds of many were turned upside down when a 10-year-old Aboriginal girl took her own life in far north Western Australia, the youngest of 19 natives to kill themselves in remote areas of the state since December.

Now let’s pause for a moment because I am sure that you’re all as shocked as I am. I don’t know about you, but my only memories from the age of 10 were those of happiness and excitement over what my future holds. It is absolutely heartbreaking to even try to imagine that a child of such a young age was experiencing so many traumas daily that she lost the will to live and the only way she could see out of her troubles was to take her own life.

What makes this story increasingly gut wrenching is that this tragedy took place because this young life was a victim of domestic violence. The girl was in informal care with her aunt and uncle along with her brother and just last year, her teenage sister had also taken her own life due to the domestic violence they faced.

How much heartbreak can one take?

Mental Health and Child Protection Minister Helen Morton said it was “absolutely tragic” to think that a young child could even consider taking their own life. She said that the young girl had experienced “accumulated trauma and harm” over 10 years and in hindsight more could have been done for her which only makes me question ‘So why was nothing done?’

Domestic violence is serious and destructive. It ruins lives, breaks up families and has such a lasting impact. It is criminal. It has been
around for a very long time, too long in fact and quite simply, something must be done…!

Deborah Owusu 12.5

By Deborah Owusu 12.5

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