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Nonsuch HP's Internet Safety Policy

Updated: 11 October 2012

Internet safety is becoming an increasing concern, particularly as many people have unwittingly shared private information through social networking sites such as Facebook. Nonsuch HP is obviously very concerned about this and recommends sites such as "Think U Know" and Facebook's own security page to follow the latest advice.

We have therefore set up a Safeguarding Policy to protect our readers which is published below. Please take time to read it and let us know your comments and if any particular changes are needed.

PS: You may enjoy clicking on the picture to see some of the safety signs in more detail...

The Nonsuch HP Blog: Safeguarding Policy

Since it was created in May 2009, the Nonsuch HP Blog has been very successful at creating interest in historical and political topics and sharing useful information and resources. Clearly as the blog is a public website accessible by all it is important to ensure the safety of everyone using it to prevent personal details being passed on to a third party. These are the steps we have put in concerning safeguarding:

1. We do not publish pictures or specific details of students on the blog. If a student’s work is highlighted on the blog (such as a powerpoint or a poster) it will not contain personal information about its author.

2. We do not post articles focusing on individual students and their activities.

3. Students who comment are free to publish anonymously and are encouraged not to include personal information about themselves.

4. All comments are read and can be deleted by members of staff.

5. Student comments should not reveal extra personal information about their authors. Students who are members of Google or Blogger may show links back to other blogs they follow if they choose but that is the limit of information that can be provided.

6. All students are strongly encouraged not to reveal information about themselves to anyone who makes contact with them via the internet.

Clearly the internet is a continually-changing environment and we will continue to monitor and adapt the blog if further changes are required in the future.


Nonsuch HP now has a presence on Twitter. The steps mentioned above will also be applied to any posts or comments made where relevant. Furthermore…

1. We will accept students as followers of our Twitter feed, but will not follow their personal accounts ourselves.

2. We will not use the Twitter feed to express personal or private opinions, but to raise awareness of historical or political issues.

3. We will encourage students to use Twitter responsibly and to refrain from making any comments that were derogatory towards other users

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