Monday, 22 July 2013

The Future King is Born!

The Duchess of Cambridge after announcing her pregnancy
As, hopefully, you will know, Katherine the Duchess of Cambridge has finally given birth. Before I get on with my usual annoying waffle and side comments aimed at pretty much everybody, I think it's only fair that you know the facts. Nevertheless, I am honestly very excited by this news, and I was told it by the best possible person - my fantastic Nan. Anyway. Facts: The baby boy was born at 4.24pm and weighed 8lbs 6oz. Right, important bit over, now for my ridiculously enthusiastic nonsense.

It's the moment the majority of the country has been waiting for... Kate to finally pop the future monarch out to greet us, and by the size of her pre-pregnancy stomach, I wouldn't have been surprised if we had found the lost tribes of Israel up there as well. The debates on whether the baby would be a boy or a girl can finally end , but have given way to debates on potential names, the bets placed on the birth weight of baby Windsor have now been cashed, with the money re-placed on bets on certain aspects of the child's appearance, and royalists all over the country can break open the wine they've been saving since the marriage of Kate and Wills. Perhaps you're not one of these people, and honestly are slightly too hot and tired to care that 'some woman somewhere has popped one out', as a woman on the bus very eloquently put it. Perhaps you're one of these people who honestly don't see what exactly the royal family do for us as a country, and so who cares who the baby is? And if I'm honest I can see your point.

But look at the counter-argument: for years the country has relied on the monarchy as the figurehead for the whole of Britain, as something that simply underpins what it means to be British. They bring in ridiculous amounts of money in tourism, and were the original Kardashians: everybody wanted to know what happened in their lives. Or maybe this new King-in-waiting signifies the years to come for you, and will become a very poignant symbol of the inevitable changes the country will experience throughout his reign. Who knows?

Overall, most people will agree that the birth of a royal baby is News. Not 'news' with a lowercase 'n', but News. And who knows, maybe at some point down the line we'll get a day off school because of it?
 So, just a short one today, but I reckoned it would be a pretty bad show if no-one on the H.P blog bothered to write about the pretty important news of a royal baby, and someone's gotta do it!
Until next time, (when there will be a proper article)

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