Friday, 26 July 2013

Events That Changed The World

Well, I think it's fair to say that I am, officially 'On Holiday'. A holiday complete with no proper chairs, a caravan that I've found out does not have space for a teenager, an adult, and a baby; and a ridiculously loud family in the pitch next to mine that don't think there's an issue with speaking to the two dogs. Take it from me and everyone else unfortunate enough to be pitched near them; it is definitely an issue. Yep, all the signs point to a good old fashioned British  holiday - just add rain. 

Now, you're probably wondering why exactly i'm babbling on seemingly incessantly about my holiday, which doesn't seem at all historical or political, though it may get criminal if the family next door don't turn off their C.D player, which blares out 'Aga-doo' 24/7. But the point is, when i'm on holiday and the Television Ariel has been left next to the caravan definitely not working by any stretch of the imagination, I read. Not small-time, few pages a day reading. Oh no. Proper, book-a-day reading. I don't read, I Read. And if I'm going to Read, then I probably need some books. So I set off yesterday with my purse decidedly lighter and my bag decidedly heavier with the weight of a whole library. The Kingmakers Daughter has been read and finished, and I have now started on 'Dominion', by C.J Samson. 

I won't bore you with the story line,but basically Dominion follows an England where Churchill did not become Prime Minister, but rather Halifax, who continued his policy of appeasement with Hitler instead of challenging him. It's a very good read, and I'd recommend it 100%  , but it really got me thinking on other decisions in history, other changes, that changed the landscape of the country. Protests that were not succumbed to; such as the protests of the miners in the 1980's, or the protests of the farmers against the industrial revolution. Or possibly other appointments as Prime Ministers; Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, and of course, Winston Churchill. 

The fact is, there are some points in history that really did change the world, and if one of them did not take place, or one battle wasn't won, we'd be living in a very different environment. If, for example, the industrial revolution hadn't taken place, none of the things that we accept as normal today would exist, and the North would be a different land altogether. Or if the world and his wife hadn't formed alliances, the First World War, arguably, wouldn't have happened at all, and would have been confined to a small area, not calling for the loss of life, the treaty of Versailles, or arguably the Second World War. If those wars hadn't taken place, perhaps the E.U wouldn't have been formed, or perhaps our culture wouldn't have formed the way it has. I could go on, the list is endless, but I think there's a possibility it may become boring. 

Now, this article (I would have hoped you noticed) doesn't stress one particular event ; it doesn't even follow a specific train of thought, but does (I hope) provide food for thought when looking at seemingly small events that happen now. We've all heard of the 'Butterfly Theory', and although I don't subscribe to it on such a level, I do believe that what happens today will shape the political and economic climate in years to come. 
So, I'm off for another cup of tea and the next few pages of my book, but never fear! I will of course, write soon with more delightful twaddle for you to read!

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