Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Does accuracy matter in historical drama?

An interesting debate in the BBC News History Magazine on the Kennedys programme regarding historical accuracy. Definitely worth watching, the Kennedys tells the story of John F Kennedy's background and rise to power covering issues such as his relationship with his domineering father and his wife Jackie. It is very controversial in the States and was pulled by many of the major channels, supposedly under pressure from the Kennedy family. Does it matter that dramas take liberties with history? Would anyone ever watch historical drama if it didn't? How true do you think their interpretation is?
Here is the link to the programme on BBCIPlayer and here a link to the Kennedy Home movies - a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes and also a special debate on the Culture Show. Enjoy.

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  1. If anyone watches the series and is interested in this fascinating President whose legacy is hotly debated today, try Robert Dallek's 'John F Kennedy: An Unfinished Life'. Very accessible and on the bookshelves at both Sutton Library and Sutton Waterstones. History drama is fine but History books are better!!!!