Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Stalin- The Court of the Red Tsar

To be perfectly honest, I'm only half way through Chapter 2, but so far this book has been really interesting.  Instead of portraying Stalin purely as a tyrant, Montefiore explores his human side by starting the book with his second wife's suicide and exploring their marriage. Personally, this has made me continue reading the book with a much more open view of Stalin; I'm sure this will prove useful when trying to understand why Stalin made certain decisions that, in the past, I may have just accepted were because he was 'evil'. Montefiore also takes quite a narrative, almost fictional approach with descriptions such as 'looked like a mad poet' which, although it makes the novel rather difficult to draw concrete facts from, makes it more interesting and stimulating to read.  It's amazing (so far) and I definitely recommend it. ED

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