Tuesday, 6 September 2011

All talk no action

A Washington Post article recently made this claim: "So far this year, members of Congress have said the words “create jobs” 1,236 times. Almost once for every hour that Congress was in session, according to C-Span data. President Obama has said those same words at least 116 times. Almost every other day.” It is even more fascinating that zero jobs were created in August, resulting in the national unemployment rate being 9.1%. Both the Democrats and Republicans are accountable for this - they were not able to agree on issues, which resulted in nothing being changed. Now this would be understandable if the rate of unemployment was at a satisfactory level, but Americans are facing the recession head on. When people are moving into long stay motels because they cannot afford housing, it soon becomes a cause for concern. The cracks in the formation of Washington are appearing as the Democrat-controlled Senate is dismissing proposals from the Republican controlled House of Representatives. There may be positive outcomes from having a split house, but this issue in particular is proving to be a huge problem both for the Obama administration and the credibility of the American economy as a whole. Keep an eye on this issue as the autumn progresses.
Many thanks to Politics' VD for this article

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