Friday, 5 November 2010

Is Britain a Liberal Democracy?

The Year 12 Politics group (and the fruit machine) have been debating today whether Britain can be described as a truly Liberal Democracy. What are your opinions? Please add them below, plus any links of interest.


  1. I don't think that Britain is a liberal democracy, as we have handed too much power over to the European Union, which was never voted for directly by the electorate. Despite parliament having sovereignty, there was a point mentioned on question time yesterday, stating that the european court of human rights wants all participating countries to allow at least some prisoners to have the vote. Many MPs and members of the public disagree with this, however it cannot be overruled by parliament, without removing the european convention of human rights (1998) from our constitution. It would have been a much more liberal decision to hold a referendum on the subject during Labours governance.

  2. I think Britain is a Liberal Democracy because people can (almost) freely walk down the street without being persecuted because of their faith, race or sexuality. Excluding extremism, people can act and speak freely without being scared of persecution for their beliefs or morals. Their are no lawful acts that prohibits any faiths from being practised, disallowing any races from any activities or disallowing certain sexualities. This proves that Britain is a a liberal democracy.

  3. Many people may say that Britain is a liberal democracy because Britain holds free, fair and democratic elections and when these elections take place they are peaceful and orderly; and when power is transferred it is done so peacefully. However, I believe that Britain is not a liberal democracy because Parliament is sovereign and can effectively make decisions without consulting with ministers to justify their actions. Additionally, the first past the post voting system forgets the minorities, rather than considering their views like a true liberal democracy should. Another reason why I believe that Britain is not a liberal democracy is because the House of Lords has unelected peers governing the citizenry, and as they have not been elected this is not democratic consequently meaning Britain is not a liberal democracy.