Monday, 27 September 2010

New Leaders

Ed Miliband is the new Labour leader, narrowly beating his brother David to the post in a closely fought election. Looking at the statistics, David was in the lead in the first three rounds, but Ed was able to benefit more greatly from Ed Balls' elimination, taking sufficient second preferences to ensure him a majority. What do you think about this? How will it affect the party and its fortunes in the next election? Please let us know.

In other news, the North Korean Workers' Party is gathering together to announce a successor to the ailing Kim Jong-Il, who had a stroke 2 years ago. They are expected to appoint his son, Kim Jong-Un who, aged 28, makes Ed Miliband look positively elderly...

1 comment:

  1. Ed Miliband being elected as leader has moved the party leftwards and if Ed Balls becomes shadow chancellor, this will pull them further left, making the party less electable, and alienating voters who seek a more central party.

    His lack of support among MPs, MEPs and perty activists could be critical throughout his leadership, as he has less of a mandate, especially beating his brother so narrowly and due to the massive union support.