Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Diary of Anne Frank

The diary tells the story of Anne Frank a Jewish girl living in Germany through the second world war. Anne starts by explaining what life is like during the war. Including some of the rules imposed on her and how it made her more grateful for things such as driving in a car. When things get worse, her family prepare to go into hiding and left soon after her father told her. The diary documents her thoughts and feelings showing that even though these troubled times she was able to act like a teenage girl, talking about her relationships and judging others based on her inactions with them. Anne goes onto talking about daily life in the annex and the things she fears and her reactions to several break in showing how she is terrified of being found out.  Despite this, she always manages to escape by thinking about what she would like to do in the future and imagining being somewhere else. When other people join the Frank family in the annex she hear stories from them about what the outside world is like. The diary also talks about the daily hardships of living in annex such as getting ration portions and daily arguments everyone had with the other residents. Anne wrote letters to other people giving her a better understanding and appreciation of the person. Despite having such a traumatic time, Anne feels humbled her situation, constantly saying that she was very lucky as she knew that many other Jews were having a much harder than she was. AS

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