Thursday, 29 September 2016

Just what is Trump's Plan to Defeat ISIS?

At his latest rally, Trump has coined idea of ‘peace through strength’, in a Reagan-esque appeal for increased military spending, making yet more promises to hold NATO members to their obligation to spend 2% of national income on defence. By increasing said spending, Trump plans to eradicate the IS claiming to ‘know more about Isis (Islamic State) than the generals do’ however when asked about said plan used his favourite way to describe it- incredibly vaguely. To add the hilarity of the situation trump says the terror group will be eradicated within 30 days, a laughable claim.

The plan is ‘great’ with its lack of description down to Trump wanting to appear ‘unpredictable’, appropriate considering his unexpected Republican nomination and controversial style of public appeal. To contrast, the democratic nominee Clinton is not afraid of the enemy knowing her ideas to ‘maintain air strikes and support local troops’.

With his only prior details being ‘bomb the hell out of IS’ and to use ‘a combination of his own plan and proposals from the generals to fight the terror group’, Trump’s lack of military experience, general knowledge of the situation and intelligence all appear to be severely lacking, just like his plan.

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