Sunday, 13 October 2013

Voting-Whats the point?

Me again! I know I’ve been uncharacteristically absent from the blog these past few days, but I’m back. The main reason for my heroic return (humour me on this one) is my growing annoyance with people. I don’t mean to sound antisocial (heaven forbid an antisocial teenager), but people are getting under my skin more and more, creating an irritation little itch a bit like the one you get when you're just drifting off to sleep at that place in your back that you can’t quite reach. And I’ve decided that there is no better way to scratch that itch than to have a nice, long, probably boring rant to you. Don't you feel privileged. Now, although there are all sorts of reasons that the average person seems to me to have just as much charm as Ed Miliband on an 'off' day, there is one particular type of people that really have me going right now: People Who Don't Vote.
 Right, I understand that not everyone is as weird about politics as I am, and the majority of people don't actively look forward to history lessons, but surely I am not the only one who values democracy? In fact, I know this for certain, but the amount of people I hear spouting off about how lucky we are to live in a democracy just doesn’t add up to the number of people who actually use it. It’s a little bit like if we all had unlimited amounts of rabbits, and although we all said how lucky we were to have the rabbits, no one actually used them. Okay, bad analogy. But do you know what I mean? There’s no point having the vote if you're not going to vote. Because if nobody voted for who they wanted to run the country, then who exactly would run the country? And when it was chosen for us, everyone would complain that they hadn’t had a choice! Being 16, I myself am not allowed to vote, but I know that when I can, I will. Because it’s important to stand up for your political views, and it’s important to take an active part in what happens in our country.
  The most prevalent excuse I hear from the no-voters is that they 'don’t know enough to vote'. Learn enough. It's not difficult to get the gist of the political parties really. Or 'why should I vote on things that don’t concern me'. Oh yeah, I completely agree. Why should you vote on something that doesn’t concern you, it would be entirely different if you were voting on something like the leader of the country... Oh. Right.
 Now i know that this has been pretty much nonsensical, and I don’t want to sound like a grumpy, slightly odd, headachy teenager, but i really do think it’s important. And if you don’t vote and you can vote, please just think a little bit about this article the next time an election comes up. One vote could actually make a difference...

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