Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Most Evil Man In History (Among Many Others Of Course)

If you are slightly faint-hearted in any way, do not read this article. In fact, exit this page and never read anything that I write on this blog again... (only joking, please don’t do that!) Before I begin, I must state that whatever I am about to write does not make Hitler a better person. Hitler is still one of the most evil men in history; it’s just that this particular story especially shocked me.
If I were to mention Vlad Dracula to you now, I doubt any of you would gasp in horror- but by the end of this I am sure I will have all of you with your mouth wide open in shock. (And if you are not shocked by this, something is seriously wrong with you- No offence!) There once lived a man in the 15th century who’s hobby (yes- his hobby!!!) was to kill people. The most common method he used to kill people was impalement. For all of you people who don’t know what impalement is- you can go and search it up yourself because I am sure the majority of people who are reading this don’t really want to know. But for those who won’t go and search it up because you’re lazy- I can tell you that it was possibly the most gruesome and painful way of dying in history, and that it lasted for hours and sometimes even days. His love for impaling people and animals is what earned him his nickname: Vlad the Impaler. If that wasn’t bad enough, impalement was his favourite method of killing people, but it wasn’t his only method. Vlad ordered people to be (brace yourselves for the long list): poisoned, blinded, strangled, hanged, gouged, decapitated, stabbed, disembowelled, skinned, hacked, dismembered, burned, boiled, scalped and roasted. He enjoyed eating and drinking around dead bodies and he even murdered his own wife. There were even rumours (which were probably true) that Vlad liked to drink blood.
Hopefully you now realise how shocked I was when I reading this on the Internet, and if this makes you feel any better- Vlad was decapitated in 1476. Good riddance!
By MD!  

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