Thursday, 10 October 2013

Creating Art Space for Local Communities

Street art has been a major part of culture for as long as I can remember, there hasn't been a city or street that I have been in that didn't have some aspect of graffiti or art work scattering the walls and architecture. To many this would be an eye sore, something that needs to be removed as quickly as possible, however to me I think that it is important that art is promoted in our local communities and often I think real talent can be discovered by the public.

If it can be maintained and controlled in a safe and sensible way, adding an art space in local areas can improve mood, atmosphere, and make the city look more attractive to the visiting public. It can also provide opportunities for distraction, for the younger public, providing them an area in which they can left off steam and create, and as a result may prevent other problematic offences that could be committed.

Who knows, by adding art space in local communities, the next Banksy could be found.


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