Thursday, 26 September 2013

My New Love Affair

 If you were to enter my bedroom, navigate your way through the assorted jumble of clothes, books, bowls, and ''I-d-rather-not-know''s, and finally make your way to the space of floor next to my bed where I keep my books, you should be proud of yourself. Not many people have made it that far alive. If you managed to get over the shock of crossing the abyss, you may notice the three books that have taken up residence next to me bed: British Politics for Dummies, The Communist Manifesto, and Rights of man, common sense, and other Political Writings. Now I won't lie to you and tell you that I have sat down and read each one cover-to-cover in a matter of minutes, and I won’t even pretend to have finished them. If I’m honest, some of them are a little too hard-going for my frazzled brain cells. Even the 'Dummies' book. But that's not quite the point. The point is that they're there, and are dipped in-and-out of every evening before bed, before I settle down to my serious reading: A History of Modern Britain. And, as a result of this dipping, I have actually begun to pick little things up. Not facts and things like that (blame the brain), but more ideas and funny ways of wording things. And what i've found is, I like all this politics malarkey. The books, really, were brought on a whim using money given to me by my fantastic grandparents, basically with a view to making myself just a tiny bit more intelligent, and i've found that I enjoy them. Lets just put this into perspective. I'm a teenager. Perhaps not your average teenager, but a teenager all the same. The whole point of me is to hate everything and have a perpetually negative outlook on the world, approaching each new task with a long-suffering sigh. And up until now, I played the whole 'teenager' part pretty well, if I do say so myself! So for something new to spark my enthusiasm is a miracle likened to England ever winning the world cup again. What i'm trying to say is ; There's always things that you’re knowledge is lacking in, so why not just try and learn a little about it?  Pick up a book, watch a programme, listen to the radio. It doesn't necessarily have to be politics, but just anything! I think it's so easy to stop being amazed by things, and to become complacent. After all, once you've left school, why bother learning anything else? But life can become so much more interesting if you try and learn something new. I did, and I’ve found that I’ve loved it.
 Now, I am by no means professing to be an expert. In fact, my knowledge on pretty much everything is embarrassingly sparse, and I’m pretty sure that the majority of my teachers are close to giving up on actually getting me to learn anything. But it doesn't mean I cant enjoy it. So go on, give politics a go if you haven't already! I dare you...


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