Sunday, 8 September 2013

Downton Abbey: how realistic is it?

My all-time favourite programme; Downton Abbey, is starting in a few weeks, and I can’t wait! But, this got me thinking, how realistic is this award winning TV programme? 

After surfing the web, I found that there are many inaccuracies. The endearing relationship between the servants and the family as portrayed, rarely happened in reality as during the post-Edwardian era, the family and servants barely talked! Mistresses and ladies’ maids were the only exception, as usually mistresses would become quite attached to them.

Also, the conditions that the servants lived in were actually very poor, nothing as nice as the Downton Abbey film set, as more often than not, servants were expected to share cramped bedrooms and beds and had no access to bathrooms or toilet facilities. As a result, in order to conceal their dirty hands, they wore white gloves when serving at the table.

There are many more examples, however, I doubt that any of these will stop me from watching the new series. I’ve been waiting for it since the Christmas special aired last year!


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