Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The tenth anniversary of the War in Iraq

The War in Iraq which began 10 years ago tomorrow cost 179 British soldiers' lives, over 100,000 Iraqi and nearly 4,500 American lives and caused one of the UK's biggest ever demonstrations against it in London. Why did it happen? What was involved? Was it worth it? As a result of the anniversary there is a wealth of information on the conflict. The BBC have a wide range of interviews with the people involved particularly Tony Blair , John Simpson and Panorama have done a special programme on the intelligence involved in the decision to go to war. The Daily Telegraph also has some interesting interviews especially one with Andrew Gilligan, the journalist who was accused of lying about the government's intelligence dossier just after the war started. Also interesting to look at the USA's coverage of the anniversary, here in USA Today Obama pays tribute to the troops involved and the Washington Post suggests 10 great books, fiction and non-fiction, to read on the event.