Monday, 8 October 2012

What is History's Role in Society?

More good stuff from Radio 4. Here is a transcript from last week's "Point of View" by the writer and broadcaster Sarah Dunant explaining quite clearly what the purpose of History is.

"The humanities," she writes, "alongside filling one in on human history, teach people how to think analytically while at the same time noting and appreciating innovation and creativity. Not a bad set of skills for most jobs wouldn't you say?"

There are further thought-provoking comments within the article and also a useful guide to some of the ways that the study of History has evolved in recent years - very valuable information in particular for personal statement writers...

A Point of View covers all sorts of interesting topics and you can download many of them as podcasts here.

PS: The image above came from a google search of "Purpose of History" - make of it what you will!

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