Thursday, 4 October 2012

Epsom College Debate

On the 20th September, four Nonsuch pupils attended a political debate at Epsom College. The panel consisted of Chris Grayling (Conservative MP for Epsom and Ewell and Lord Chancellor, Secretary of State for Justice), Anna Jones (a Liberal Democrat), a member of the Epsom and Ewell Resident Association and a Labour supporting student. 
The audience had the opportunity to question, and at times, grill the panel on a range of issues, such as tuition fees & Nick Clegg’s apology, Boris as Prime Minister, GCSE’s and the Bill of Rights.
The Euro sceptics and the republic audience took their battles. The panel had a range of opinions and ideas. Chris Grayling expressed his want to reduce the number of reoffenders through rehabilitation. As the audience nodded their heads in satisfaction (and surprise), Anna questioned his moral integrity and wondered if he actually believed that or whether it was because he had little funding; the audience laughed. The banter continued however there was a general consensus that home owners should have more property rights and cannabis should not be legalised. 
Chris Grayling ended the night expressing his preference for Mitt Romney to Obama and described Romney as ‘the Sarah Palin in trousers!’

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