Monday, 7 November 2011

New Hampshire Primary

New Hampshire has now named the date for its presidential primary - 10 January 2012. After some confusion and bargaining between states, the early primary calendar looks like this.

Iowa caucus: 3 January

New Hampshire primary: 10 January

South Carolina primary: 28 January

Florida primary: 31 January

Keep an eye on sites such as this to see how the Republican candidates get on in their race to secure the nomination.


  1. As the primary season is beginning, the GOP deabtes among the potential presidential candidates are well worth a watch. One of the most interesting to my mind so far has been the recent Iowa Thanksgiving Family Forum ( Making a change from the usual policy statements and on stage arguments, the candidates sat around a table and chatted openly about their faith and moral viewpoints. Especially interesting was a section half way in, where they all revealed the lows in their lives and how they had coped. Rick Santorum and Herman Cain in particular were very moving and both men broke down in tears. Definitely worth looking at to understand the personalities, driving forces and mental approaches that come behind what can sometimes seems faceless candidates.

  2. A different kind of primary this year: