Monday, 17 October 2011

Battle of Hastings Location?

A new article has suggested that the Battle of Hastings did not take place where it has been traditionally sited at Battle Abbey but in the village of Crowhurst two miles away.  The author has looked at evidence from the Bayeux Tapestry and other primary sources and believes the terrain around Crowhurst is more appropriate for the events that are described. English Heritage, which owns the battle site is not convinced, saying that it is unlikely that Battle Abbey would have been placed where it was (in a rather inaccessible location) if there hadn't been a significant event to site it there.

This is not the only battle that has had issues with its location - Bosworth had similar problems recently. Whatever the case it is unlikely that the visitor centre will move any time soon and this will allow people to imagine what it must have been like to fight in such a great confrontation - wherever it was!

For further info here are articles from the BBC and the Daily Mail, with more extensive details of the battle here.

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  1. Surely, king. Harold. Would. Want. To. Defend. His. Manor. As. A. Priority, at
    Crowhurst..............not. Senlac. Hill. An. Abbey. Was. Built. At. Crowhurst, but. Then
    Abandoned. Six. Years. Later..........the. ruins. Remain. Today.. English. Heritage. Owns. The. Substitute. Abbey.........not. the. Genuine. Article..........which. lies. On. The. Battlefield. At