Friday, 26 August 2011

England's Summer Riots

The riots in London and elsewhere across the country have clearly been a very significant political event this summer. Many thanks to our politics student VD for this contribution - please let us know your own opinions on what has been taking place.

Over four days earlier this month, riots spread across London and other parts of the country. They was triggered by the shooting of Mark Duggan, an alleged drug dealer who was shot in Tottenham on 4 August. This sparked the controversy if he was lawfully shot. What started as a peaceful protest has now turned into numerous accounts of looting, riots and arson attacks. Five people were killed in connection with the violence. It is obviously that the aim of the protest has been lost by recreational violence.

Many complained about David Cameron’s absence when the riots started, so he returned to London from his Italian holiday and visited the towns which were affected. Boris Johnson and Theresa May also returned. Not many are happy with the actions they have implemented (some say they have not done anything at all). It will be interesting to see if this will have major damage on the Conservative Party’s reputation. Moreover, Boris Johnson has launched his Back Boris campaign for the 2012 London Mayoral elections - this single event could have a detrimental effect. The aftermath of the riots will help us determine the answer to that.

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