Friday, 15 July 2011

Tequila Party

Our politics student VD has spotted this fascinating article from the Independent about the "Tequila Party". This is a grassroots movement partly inspired by the rapid growth of the Tea Party. However, while the Tea Party is closely associated with the Republican movement, the Tequila Party prefers to be non-partisan. Its aim is not to create a third party in the traditional sense but instead reflect the rapidly growing influence of Hispanics in the USA. The population has grown by 43% in the last decade and now stands at 50 million - 16% of the total population (see graphic above - also courtesy of the Independent). Most Hispanics have traditionally voted Democrat but have become increasingly disillusioned with President Obama's promises to reform immigration laws which have so far not come to fruition - indeed he has actually accelerated deportation rates and tightened border security. It will be interesting to see how this movement develops, and how much influence it will have in the next election.

PS: Here is an American perspective on the Tea Party from National Public Radio, and here is the Tequila Party's website.

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