Thursday, 14 July 2011

Blog roll

The History News Network (Part of George Mason University in Washington DC) has added Nonsuch HP to its blog roll, its list of History blogs from around the world. We are obviously delighted to be part of this, and are particularly pleased to be categorised in the section "Historians who write about many things". The blog roll is a fascinating and ever growing list of specialist blogs on all sorts of topics from 18th Century American women to Ancient Hebrew Poetry. Special mention should also be given to this historical cakes blog!

The world of historical blogging is clearly expanding fast and allows just about anyone with a historical interest to be part of that community. This clearly brings great new opportunities for historical research and collaboration, but there also some drawbacks, as it can be sometimes difficult to assess the reliability of these new sources as their provenance and professional standards are not always clear. Please let us know if you find any particular blogs of interest, or if you get round to cooking any of those historical cakes!

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