Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Horrible Histories Returns

The BBC's Horrible Histories has returned for a third series, to much acclaim from the media. The second series won a British Comedy Award, and there are plans to put it on at primetime with Stephen Fry as its host.

This Guardian article examines why it has been so successful - mainly by not underestimating its audience and whether it can be considered as a "proper" history programme? Tristram Hunt, the historian and Labour MP, criticised its "cartoon content", saying "there are more sophisticated, populist ways of getting people involved in history than this." Dan Snow meanwhile agreed that it wasn't a serious look at history, but believed that it gave a good sense of the past and should be praised for "celebrating" history and making it accessible. What do you think? Let us know, and also please pass on any clips that are worth sharing.

PS: The picure above is of Charles II as the "King of Bling". We can also recommend this Historical Masterchef sketch, and fans of The Four Georges will be pleased to know that George IV has released his debut solo single.

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