Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Filibuster in US Politics

This week's Americana is well worth listening to for both AS and A2 Politics students. Its main feature is on the Filibuster, a rarity in British politics but used recently in the 17 day standoff in the House of Lords by Labour peers over electoral reform. The programme charts its increased use in the US since the 1950s and asks whether it is an abuse of power by Senators, or a useful democratic tool ensuring the minority do not yield to the tyranny of the majority. It also discusses the growth of the 'shadow filibuster' but you will have to listen to find out what that is!! About 16 minutes in is a quick discussion of the reclaiming of 'racial language' by young mixed race Americans - useful for A2 students currently studying race.

Find the programme here or listen to the podcast via iTunes (remember, you don't have to help fund Apple's attempt at world domination by buying their products - you can download iTunes and listen to podcasts for free on your computer)

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