Thursday, 17 February 2011

Downing Street Cats

Year 12 Politics students who have been studying the decline of cabinet government will be well aware that one proposed reason for this has been the increase in the PM's staff at No. 10. This has increased again this week with the
appointment of Larry, the official Downing Street cat, brought in to solve the growing rat problem in the old building. Larry spent 30 minutes in discussion with his new boss and, although the content of the talks remained private, Larry attacked a news correspondent soon after, which may hint at the Prime Minister's darker side. One thing is more certain however. At just four years old, Larry will likely serve at Downing Street for another 12 years plus so he will probably see off Mr Cameron and perhaps a couple more PMs before his retirement. See here for the history of Downing Street moggies.

PS: This is the first post delivered by iPad!

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